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Labs2Zero Energy Score

Pilot Energy Score

As the first offering of the Labs2Zero program, I2SL launched a pilot Energy Score for labs in October 2023. Based on data input in the I2SL Laboratory Benchmarking Tool (LBT), each lab building’s energy performance is rated from 1 to 100, where 100 represents the highest performance. The rating is a percentile score, meaning that a building with an Energy Score of 85 would have better energy performance than 85 percent of similar facilities. The score is calculated separately for each year of data you provide, and it is updated automatically any time users update their data.

The pilot Energy Score is free, and the Lab Benchmarking Tool is free to use. If you have already entered lab building data in the LBT, simply visit and log in to get the pilot score(s). If not, follow this Quick-Start Guide for instructions on using the LBT and for a list of the minimum data needed to benchmark a lab building in the LBT. You can also view a webinar on how to get and use the score!

A new feature allows users to select a target Energy Score value and determine what their corresponding energy use intensity (EUI) levels would need to be to achieve it; by simply entering data into several fields along with a target score, they’ll receive a target EUI by fuel type in an easy-to-interpret chart for use in procurement or design documents.

LBT Target Setter new screenshot.png
Quick Start Guide

Help Improve the
Energy Score!

The Energy Score is currently in a pilot phase, during which I2SL encourages users to input their lab buildings data to receive a score, then provide feedback on the process or results to to help I2SL improve the scoring system’s accuracy. I2SL plans to release the official Version 1 of the Labs2Zero Energy Score in 2024. 

For some types of lab buildings—including vivaria, manufacturing laboratories, pilot plants, crime labs, and healthcare labs—the peer group database does not yet contain enough data for a well-tuned score. Submitting data to the LBT on these types of facilities during the pilot phase will greatly help I2SL improve the accuracy of the Labs2Zero Energy Score. 


Please submit any feedback on the Labs2Zero Pilot Energy Score or the LBT to

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