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I2SL Membership

Become an I2SL member to be on the front lines of advancing sustainable laboratories globally. I2SL members receive conference discounts, free training webinars, and opportunities to participate in I2SL resource development, among many other benefits. View a full list of member benefits and learn how you can join hundreds of industry professionals by becoming an I2SL member today.


Individual Membership

Sustainable laboratory professionals—including lab designers, engineers, builders, owners, facility managers, green labs professionals, consultants, and suppliers—can become individual I2SL members. Individual memberships get access to a variety of benefits. Students can also apply for an individual membership at a discounted rate.


Individual memberships cannot be shared with other people. If you work for a university, federal agency, nonprofit, or private company that owns and operates labs, your organization qualifies for corporate or institutional group membership, through which all employees can enjoy the member benefits.

Corporate Membership

Private lab owners and operators, including research firms, biopharma manufacturers, and life science real estate investment groups, can now sign up for corporate-wide group memberships. With a corporate membership, every employee at your company will have access to all I2SL’s member benefits. Through the benefits offered with a group membership, I2SL can also help your company through participation in exclusive owner executive forums and communities of practice for lab operators. To learn more about corporate membership benefits, check out this brochure and share it with your colleagues. If you’d like to sign up as a corporate member, complete this online form.

Institutional Membership

I2SL offers institutional memberships to government agencies, nonprofits, and academic institutions* that own and operate laboratories. Join for one reasonable price and enjoy all the benefits of individual membership for every employee at your organization! Sign up for membership or email I2SL if you have any questions about the eligibility or benefits of group membership.

*An institution can encompass more than one campus location; however, universities in a statewide system are treated as individual institutions for membership purposes.

Membership Dues

I2SL membership is valid starting on the date the membership form and payment of dues are received through the expiration date provided on the confirmation email. When renewing early, membership is valid for one year (or three years if this option is selected) from the expiration date. Dues are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Membership Length
Early Renewal

1 Year



3 Years



1 Year



3 Years



1 Year



1 Year



I2SL reserves the right to change member benefits at any time. If I2SL changes member benefits, it will notify members in advance of the benefit change(s). All activities will be undertaken at I2SL's discretion. 

Membership Benefits

The following benefits are available to all I2SL members: 

  • Free access to all of I2SL's High-Tech Talks Webinars and the Annual Conference Presentations Archive. 

  • Up to a $200 discount on I2SL Annual Conference registration fee.

  • Reduced or complimentary registration fee for some I2SL Chapter events.**

  • Invitation to identify, lead, and participate in various I2SL Working Groups and their committees and to develop training, guidance, best practices, case studies, and research initiatives.

  • Access to a unique electronic I2SL member logo.

  • Membership identification at the I2SL Annual Conference.

**Chapter event registration fees and discounts are decided by each I2SL chapter and may or may not include I2SL member discounts.

Membership Responsibilities

I2SL members will: 

  • Accurately represent I2SL by following the organization's branding and marketing guidance and employing its mission statement.

  • Pay annual membership dues as defined by I2SL.

  • Actively contribute to and promote the I2SL Annual Conference, working groups, chapters, webinars, and Labs2Zero efforts.

Note: By providing an email address, I2SL members agree to receive email correspondence regarding their membership and I2SL activities. I2SL does not sell its membership list.

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