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Technical Advisory Councils

Interested in getting in on the ground floor to help develop various aspects of the Labs2Zero program? There are a variety of Technical Advisory Councils (TACs) that have formed and are still adding new members or are in the process of forming to develop and review the various aspects of the Labs2Zero program, as described below. Volunteers must be an I2SL or SLCan member in good standing, or an employee of an active organizational I2SL member (such as a university, government, or private lab owner) and fill out an application to demonstrate they have the qualifications needed for the TAC.

Each TAC has a core group of voting members and potentially some subcommittee groups. Additionally in time, "Forum" meetings will be held approximately quarterly and are open to anyone interested without any requirement for I2SL membership. Forum participants are encouraged to review and comment on the work of the TAC. I2SL would like to thank all the current Labs2Zero volunteers consisting of the following core technical advisory council members.

If you are interested in applying to join the core group of one of our TACs please fill out this Google Volunteer Form. If you would like to be notified about upcoming Forum meetings please send an email to

Members with experience determining building EUI, or familiarity with lab energy usage requirements and alternatives, can volunteer to help develop the Labs2Zero scoring approach, including the factors affecting EUI and alternatives for reducing it.

Volunteers with experience generating lab emissions inventories for and familiarity with sources of operational carbon are sought to serve on this TAC subcomittee.

This group will focus on understanding and benchmarking embodied emissions in lab facilities; I2SL is looking for members with experience inventorying and managing laboratory embodied carbon emissions in existing buildings and new construction.

To determine the report content and insights Labs2Zero will provide for existing and new buildings, I2SL is seeking volunteers with experience in and familiarity with energy and emissions reduction measure for labs, as well as those who understand building energy calculations, air quality/safety requirements, ventilation, and lab plug loads.

Members who have used the I2SL Lab Benchmarking Tool help suggest and review enhancements to the tool in support of the Labs2Zero program.

Energy Score TAC
  • Alison Farmer, I2SL

  • Anthony Michetti, Cell Signaling Technology

  • Arlen Li, HGA

  • Bob Senior, KJ Tait

  • Dan Diehl, Aircuity

  • David Golden, University of California Berkeley

  • James Donson, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Jeff Wegner, CRB

  • Josh Kace, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Kashyap Desai, Laboratories Canada (SPIB, PSPC)

  • Kevin Shea, Introba

  • Kristen Brozowski, Buro Happold

  • Mike Dymarski, Retired, University of Toronto

  • Otto VanGeet, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Patrick Carpenter, Jacobs

  • Paul Mathew, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Rebekah Gandy, Gensler

  • Richard Malmstrom, Alexandria Real Estate Equities

  • Robert Thompson, SmithGroup

  • Sam Huber, Eurofins

Operational Emissions Score TAC
  • Alicia Pandimos Maurer, Cannon Design

  • Alison Farmer, I2SL

  • Anthony Michetti, Cell Signaling Technology

  • Austin Barolin, Mazzetti

  • Dan Diehl, Aircuity

  • Deirdre Carter, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Elisabeth Girgis, Public Services and Procurement Canada

  • Isuru Hettiarachchi, Jacobs

  • James Donson, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Jenifer Ballew, City of Cambridge (Massachusetts)

  • John McDonald, SmithGroup

  • Josh Hatch, Brightworks Sustainability

  • Josh Kace, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Landry Watson, Alexandria Real Estate Equities

  • Laura Carmona, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

  • Nathan Gauthier, Takeda

  • Penny Avery, Sandia National Laboratories

  • Shane Day, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

  • Taryn Green, RWDI

Embodied Emissions Score TAC
  • Alison Farmer, I2SL

  • Anthony Michetti, Cell Signaling Technology

  • Debjani Sarkar, Jacobs

  • Dirk von Below, Flad Architects

  • Elizabeth Mikula, Perkins & Will

  • Emily English, BNBuilders

  • Irmak Turan, Thornton Tomasetti

  • Jacob Werner, Ellenzweig

  • ​Jesce Walz, Perkins & Will

  • Joey Shea, Interface

  • Landry Watson, Alexandria Real Estate Equities

  • Lisa Cassedy, HOK

  • Maria Perez, Gensler

  • Sophia Lee, Jacobs

  • Taryn Green, RWDI

  • Tina Binazir, Ellenzweig

  • Yukari Kubo, Brightworks

Assessment and Design Tools TAC
  • Alison Farmer, I2SL

  • Andrew Herman, KJ Tait

  • Anthony Michetti, Cell Signaling Technology

  • Ari Greenberg, BR+A Consulting Engineers

  • Bob Senior, KJ Tait

  • Brad Cochran, CPP Wind

  • Brandon Fortier, IMEG Corp.

  • Brendan Fox, Wood

  • Brooks Stout, Buro Happold

  • Chad House, Siemens

  • Chris Lewis, GreenerU, Inc.

  • Curt Elliott, JE Dunn Construction

  • Dan Amon, EPA

  • Dan Doyle, Grumman Butkus Associates

  • Dan Seng, HOK

  • Devin Kleiner, Perkins & Will

  • Don Posson, SmithGroup

  • Dru Larson, Mayo Clinic

  • Ettigounder (Samy) Ponnusamy, Millipore Sigma

  • Greg Smithmyer, Affiliated Engineers Inc.

  • Hunyum Murya, Ramboll

  • Jake Williams, Buro Happold

  • James Connelly, My Green Lab

  • John Swift, Buro Happold

  • Jon Flynn, Alexandria Real Estate

  • Kashyap Desai, Public Services and Procurement Canada

  • Kevin Brettmann, JE Dunn Construction

  • Mark Stewart, McMaster Innovation Park

  • Matthew Severson, ACCO Engineered Systems

  • Matt Williamson, HOK

  • Natasha Dunwoody, Jacobs

  • Otto van Geet, National Renewable Energy Laboratory​

  • Russell Knudson, HGA

  • Sean Convery, Cator, Ruma & Associates

  • Skye Smith, Kirksey Architecture

  • Solomon Degu, University of California San Francisco

  • Suzanne Belmont, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Todd Gottshall, Western Allied Mechanical

  • Tom McGee, Konvekta

  • Tom Smith, 3Flow

  • Vladimir Lazov, WSP

  • Walt King, Aircuity

  • Yvon Lachance, SLCan & YLA Architecture

  • Zack Heaps, Flad Architects

Lab Benchmarking Tool (LBT) Enhancement TAC
  • Alison Farmer, I2SL

  • Allen Doyle, 3Flow

  • Anne Whitsel, HDR

  • Brian Smiley, HOK

  • Colette Baker, Harvard University

  • Deepa Kundadka, DKK Safety and Environmental

  • Desmond Greene, WB Engineers + Consultants

  • George Karidis, SmithGroup

  • Jacob Werner, Ellenzweig

  • Jim Ormond, LGC

  • Joel Good, RWDI

  • Josh Kace, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Kevin Belusa, Airgenuity

  • Kimberly Reddin, Flad Architects

  • Malcolm Tait, KJ Tait

  • Matt Tefft, Dynamic Air Corp.

  • Patrick Carpenter, Jacobs

  • Thea Rozenbergs, Alliiance

  • Thomas Vu, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

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