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Great Lakes

I2SL's Great Lakes Chapter serves as resource to the greater Great Lakes Region to further the Institute's goals and promote the design, construction, and operation of resource-effective and environmentally responsible facilities dedicated to education, medicine, and research. 

Our aim is to foster sustainable design, engineering, and operational practices through a network of industry professionals drawing upon individual and corporate expertise and real world experience. The Great Lakes Chapter provides advocacy and education while fostering professional interaction on industry best practices and emerging technologies that promote sustainability of laboratory and other high tech facilities. 

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The Chapter stresses professional development and networking through a series of regularly scheduled meetings that provide a forum for presentations by industry experts coupled with interactive membership discussions.

The I2SL Great lakes Chapter is focused on providing a local representation of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories to the Midwest region of the United States, to promote the following objectives and vision:

PromotionTo raise awareness within the specialized laboratory building sector, in support of resource-effective and environmentally responsible science, science education, testing, clinical, pharmaceutical, medical, and other research and development facilities.

CollaborationTo encourage collaborative creation and operation of technologically advanced, energy-efficient, and environmentally responsive laboratories throughout the Midwestern region, and to provide connections with those striving to create and operate sustainable laboratories, worldwide.

EducationTo facilitate the application of sustainable “whole-building” approaches in designing, engineering, constructing, managing, and using laboratories and other advanced facilities.

Upcoming Events

April 9, 2024

Lunch&Learn Featuring Labs2Zero: Decarbonizing the World's Labs

Register today!

400 North Aberdeen Street, Chicago, IL 60642

Discover how the Labs2Zero initiative is reducing carbon emissions in laboratories worldwide, and how you can contribute! Laboratories have an outsized impact on carbon emissions due to their energy-intensive nature, so it is vital to understand the steps that lab owners, managers, designers, and engineers can take to help decarbonize them. To develop a roadmap to decarbonize the world’s high-tech research facilities, I2SL is creating the Labs2Zero program, comprised of a variety of options and information that address both the complexity of laboratories and the need to make them more efficient while reducing the emissions associated with their building and operations.

Chapter Event

Winter Social at Element Labs/Invenra 

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