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The International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) has created the LabSavers campaign

to provide resources and encourage public and private lab owners, managers, and researchers to

clean out and evaluate lab space across their research campuses each year in spring, or whenever is


Why conduct a lab clean-out and space assessment?

  • Inventory, consolidate, and properly store lab supplies

  • Dispose of (or reuse) excess chemicals safely 

  • Repurpose old or unwanted equipment where needed

  • Evaluate lab space and storage and optimize for better research efficiency


I2SL’s LabSavers tool kit consists of guidelines for conducting a lab clean-out and space evaluation at a research institution, sample materials to promote the campaign in a building or across a campus, and a how-to guide for implementation. Promotional materials include a logo, customizable fliers, a poster, and digital signage for lobby kiosks or mounted TV monitors. The LabSavers program is meant to provide suggestions and templates, but facility managers, green labs professionals, EHS staff, and research or student leaders should tailor the program and customize the materials to fit their buildings and participants.

We’d love to hear about how you used these resources to conduct lab clean-out/space evaluation and how the effort went, especially if you also changed how lab space is being used and saved the need for new construction or additions. You can share your results and before-and-after photos with I2SL to, and we can share your case study.

Looking for an example of a lab clean-out and space evaluation? Watch this talk presented by Suzann Staal and Ethan Carter of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus during I2SL’s 2024 Education Week. 

tool kit

LabSavers Tool Kit
Please click on the icons below to download items in the tool kit.

Read this guide on implementing I2SL’s LabSavers campaign and using the promotional resources before you get started.

A quick guide on conducting a lab clean-out, including suggestions for promoting participation and reducing equipment, lab supplies, and chemicals. 

A quick guide on conducting a lab space evaluation in research facilities, including key colleagues to include and resources for reusing and sharing equipment.

Promote LabSavers in your organization with this 8.5x11 flier or 11x17 with placeholders for dates, contact information, and logistics; customize as you wish.

Promote LabSavers in your organization with this 8.5x11 flier that can be customized with before-and-after photos to inspire others and logistical information.

Customize the text and photos in this file to make a digital kiosk sign or cafeteria screen posting. Contact the building manager or event coordinator to post.

13834_CLASS logo.png

Use the LabSavers logo on materials or with social media posts to various networks; You can use the following text as example when you post with photos. Click on the image, then right click to save as a PNG to your desktop.

It’s time to do some spring cleaning in our laboratories! De-clutter labs and maximize space for research during our LabSavers campaign. [Your Organization] will be conducting lab clean-outs between [insert dates] and space assessments if relevant. [Insert URL or contact information of your organization]. #CleanLabsSaveSpace #LabSavers

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