Opportunities to Get Involved

As host of the I2SL Annual Conference and workshops, I2SL is continually increasing its presence as an organization dedicated to sustainable, high-performance facilities.

The growth of I2SL is dependent on the number of resources the organization can obtain from other like-minded groups. As such, I2SL is pursuing funding and partnerships in order to obtain a foundation from which to promote the organization's mission.

Additionally, I2SL offers a number of opportunities for other organizations to become involved in the work that I2SL is doing throughout the laboratory community. Your organization can get involved in a number of ways:

  • Become an I2SL member and stay involved and up to date on I2SL's activities year round.
  • Become involved with a network of fellow professionals from a specific area of laboratory sustainability through I2SL's Working Groups.
  • Learn about techniques and practices to achieve sustainability by attending a workshop.
  • Increase the knowledge of your fellow designers, engineers, and operators by hosting a workshop.
  • Learn about educational tools and networking opportunities that will help your organization improve laboratory sustainability by attending the I2SL Annual Conference.
  • Maximize your exposure and help to ensure the success of the I2SL Annual Conference through sponsorship.
  • Introduce your technology, system, or service to the I2SL Annual Conference audience by becoming a vendor in the Technology and Services Fair.
  • Consider starting an I2SL Chapter in your community.
  • Stay informed! Read the current issue of the I2SL Sustainability Scoop, and contact I2SL to receive the latest issues by email.

If you would like to get involved with I2SL through any of the opportunities mentioned above, or if you have other ideas for partnering with I2SL, please contact us.