Laboratory Waste Landfill Diversion Working Group

Industry Lead: TBD

Coordinated by: Cleveland Clinic, Emory University, and I2SL

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This working group is addressing barriers and sharing best practices related to laboratory waste diversion, with an initial focus on reducing waste from suppliers and manufacturers. The working group is especially interested in improving the ability to recycle laboratory plastics, and increasing ways to divert Styrofoam cooler boxes and gel/ice packs from landfills. The group has identified two areas of focus: supplier-side barriers and opportunities, and purchaser-side barriers and opportunities.

Working Group Projects

  • Purchaser group: Collecting information on the priority of minimizing waste for laboratories through surveys and benchmarking research.
  • Supplier group: Engaging with suppliers and manufacturers to understand current work, barriers to waste minimization, and opportunities that align with business models.

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Working Group Activities

The working group convenes approximately every 6 weeks via conference call. View the running meeting minutes.

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