Designing a Flexible Laboratory Equipment Environment Workshop

Researchers often need new equipment for their research after their laboratory has been built, yet researchers often have no deep understanding of the implications of their equipment choices for those people who must receive, set up, install, maintain, and service such equipment. Laboratory buildings are often designed to standards that do not adequately account for the future equipment needs of researchers, and researchers often make choices that create unnecessary incompatibilities with building systems.

To address this problem, this course provides a proven process for serving all laboratory stakeholders' needs in a way that can last the lifetime of the
laboratory building and provide the knowledge needed to build a robust infrastructure (heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning capacity; electrical; ducting; structural considerations; etc.) that can flex for future equipment demands. Furthermore, this knowledge can become a permanent building information modeling record for future use. Even in existing laboratories, this process can be used proactively (i.e., before equipment is ordered), to assure that needed equipment can be specified to fit with existing infrastructure instead of creating waste and conflicts.The result is a more robust laboratory building.

Participants in this course will learn and experience (through facilitated exercises) a structured process for:

  • Identifying the key stakeholders whose needs must be taken into consideration.
  • Understanding their needs.
  • Building the knowledge system in a way that will address the entire lifecycle of the building.
  • Understanding the implications of this knowledge on designing the correct laboratory environment, e.g., the laboratory spaces, infrastructure, architecture, and related features.
  • Using this understanding as the basis of laboratory design, maintenance, and operation.

Continuing Education Credits


This course is worth three Green Building Certification Institute Continuing Education Hours toward the LEED® Credential Maintenance Program, as approved by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).


I2SL wishes to acknowledge Allen Consulting, LLC and Strategyn, Inc. for developing and offering this workshop.


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