A Simple Energy Recovery Retrofit to Achieve a 76% Annual Net Effectiveness

January 21, 2016
1 p.m. – 2 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time


Traditional run-around coil systems offer many advantages such as installation flexibility and zero cross contamination. However, they have a very low energy saving effectiveness along with operational issues. A higher-efficiency run-around coil system uses special coils with a very close air-to-fluid temperature approach and an industrial control system.

During this webinar, Mark Labac of Edge Mechanical Systems, Inc. and Rudolf Zaengerle of Konvekta USA, Inc. will explain how retrofitting an existing conventional run-around coil system can be accomplished with low installation cost and little to no down time for the building. The presenters will discuss how the retrofitting process can be implemented at Utah State University to increase the labs’ annual net effectiveness.

Attendees will learn:

  • The low annual net efficiencies and operational short falls with conventional run-around coil heat recovery systems commonly used in laboratories.
  • The control and optimization of an intelligent, high-efficiency energy recovery system and its components.
  • How to implement an intelligent, high-efficiency energy recovery system into an existing conventional run-around coil system with minimal installation cost and little to no interruption in the existing building airflow.
  • The impact of energy savings, peak load reductions, and emission and carbon footprint reductions from achieving a net 76 percent annual net effectiveness with an intelligent, high-efficiency heat recovery system.


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Instructor Biographies

Mark E. Labac, P.E., LEED AP, is president of Edge Mechanical Systems, Inc., a specialty HVAC manufacturer's representative in Colorado. The firm specializes in energy-efficient equipment, such as Konvekta, MeeFog, and MK Plastics, with a strong focus on laboratory and LEED projects. Mr. Labac has a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Texas Tech University, a professional engineer license from Texas, and a LEED AP accreditation. Mr. Labac is an active member of ASHRAE, I2SL, and ISPE.

Rudolf Zaengerle, Ph.D., is president of Konvekta USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Swiss-based Konvekta AG, a manufacturer of high-performance energy recovery systems. He holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in business administration, both from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. He was an assistant professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology's Energy Sustainability and Urban Planning Institute prior to managing Swiss Technology in North America, over 20 years ago.


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