Environmentally Preferable Products in the Laboratory

July 16, 2015
1 p.m. – 2 p.m.
Eastern Daylight Time


There continues to be increasing demand for environmentally preferable products in the laboratory environment. This demand has driven transparency, innovation, and collaboration between customers and suppliers and created a shared value along the supply chain. Due to the lack of standards and definitions in the market, it is difficult to distinguish products that are environmentally preferable. Often there is a lack of focus at organizations internally to identify and verify products with environmental claims in order to help customers meet their sustainability goals. The market is shifting in a way that requires greater transparency and reporting capabilities, but meeting these needs can help build the business case for environmentally preferable products.

During this webinar, Megan Maltenfort of VWR shares how VWR is working with its suppliers and customers on identifying and promoting environmentally preferable products. She discusses how this new level of transparency has created opportunities to collaborate and add business value.

The presenter:

  • Identifies how the demand for environmentally preferable products is changing.
  • Describes how sustainable laboratory organizations are beginning to define environmentally preferable products.
  • Explores ways to verify products with environmental claims.
  • Explains how to create mutual value which builds the business case for environmentally preferable products.


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Professional Development Hours and Continuing Education Credits

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Instructor Biographies

Megan Maltenfort is the sustainability manager for VWR, a global distributor of laboratory supplies and services. In her role, Megan leads critical sustainability initiatives internally to manage waste and resource use effectively and develops innovative solutions for VWR customers to meet their own sustainability goals. By finding opportunities to collaborate with customers and suppliers and with a constant focus on internal improvement, Megan has helped VWR to reduce overall operational impacts. Megan received a masterís degree in environmental management from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts in science, technology, and society from Vassar College.

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