The University of Colorado Green Labs Program: Greening Laboratories through Collaboration

November 15, 2012
1–2 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time


The University of Colorado at Boulder (CU Boulder) Green Labs Program endeavors to minimize the use of energy, water, and material goods in an estimated 400 laboratories on CU Boulder's campus. These laboratories are large resource consumers with an abundance of opportunities for reducing and avoiding resource use. Many of these opportunities directly relate to how laboratory members use their equipment, perform experimental processes, and plan for future research needs. To address these opportunities for conservation at the occupant level, the CU Green Labs Program is engaging scientists in conservation by establishing laboratory eco-leader representatives in individual laboratories, with the goal of having an eco-leader in every laboratory on campus. Already, 130 laboratories—approximately a third of the laboratories on CU Boulder's campus—are involved in the program. 

During this presentation, participants learned:

  • Why it is important to engage scientists in conservation.
  • The structure of the eco-leader aspect of the CU Green Labs Program.
  • Advice and suggestions on how to create a similar eco-leader network at other campuses.
  • The conservation opportunities at CU Boulder that have resulted from engaging scientists.


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Professional Development Hours and Continuing Education Credits

Attendees of this course and those who view the recording can earn one Professional Development Hour (PDH) for professional engineers and one Continuing Education Credit (CEC) from the American Institute of Architects for registered architects.

Contact I2SL if you would like to receive a professional development hour for viewing the webinar.

Instructor Biography

Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar, Ph.D., is the manager of the CU Green Labs Program at CU Boulder, a program she has been building and creating for the past two years. Dr. Ramirez-Aguilar has 15 years of laboratory research experience within the fields of biochemistry, analytical chemistry, and organic chemistry. Dr. Ramirez-Aguilar graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from the College of William & Mary, and was the recipient of an American Chemical Society Analytical Division Fellowship for her Ph.D. studies at CU Boulder in analytical chemistry. Dr. Ramirez-Aguilar received a National Research Service Award from the National Institutes of Health for postdoctoral studies in biochemistry at CU Boulder, where she stayed on as a researcher and laboratory manager after her fellowship ended. Working as a research scientist, Dr. Ramirez-Aguilar saw a real need for a program to engage scientists in conservation. Following the birth of her twin daughters and her hope for their future, Dr. Ramirez-Aguilar's passion grew to promote change and create a model program focused on resource conservation in laboratories.

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