Energy-Efficient Laboratory Equipment Wiki

Part of the Labs21 Tool Kit

The energy used by laboratory "plug-in" equipment (e.g., freezers, autoclaves, centrifuges) constitutes from 10 to as much as 50 percent of the total energy use in a laboratory (not including associated cooling energy use). However, there has been scant attention paid to this as an area for efficiency improvements, partly because of the real and perceived lack of energy-efficient choices in laboratory equipment and the lack of data on energy-use characteristics of laboratory equipment. Many scientists, laboratory managers, and laboratory design consultants are beginning to use energy efficiency as a selection criterion for laboratory equipment, and some manufacturers are starting to advertise the "green features" of their products.

Labs21 has a developed an Energy-Efficient Laboratory Equipment Wiki to share information about laboratory equipment efficiency among users and encourage manufacturers to provide more data on the energy use characteristics of their products.


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