Laboratory Energy Efficiency Profiler Tool

Part of the Labs21 Tool Kit

Laboratories have many unique efficiency opportunities, but certain constraints preclude the use of typical commercial building profiling and audit tools. The Laboratory Energy Efficiency Profiler (LEEP) Tool, developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), will enable users to identify energy efficiency opportunities in their laboratories while requiring as little user data input as possible. The tool's analyses are based on characteristics of ventilation, heating and cooling, lighting, and plug and process loads, and it works in conjunction with the Labs21 Energy Benchmarking Tool, also developed by LBNL.

LEEP Actions – Additional Resources (570 KB, 11 pp) provides links to various resources—tools, guidelines, case studies—with additional information on each of the actions identified by the LEEP tool.

If you are an energy or facility manager in search of actionable efficiency solutions for your laboratory, then you should include this important tool in your collection.


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