Million Advocates for Sustainable Science

Million Advocates for Sustainable ScienceThe Million Advocates for Sustainable Science letter-signing campaign is a challenge to science funders in the United States and around the world to encourage sustainability and efficiency in the way that research funding is conducted. Because research cannot happen without funding, that money can also help drive the systematic changes needed in lab sustainability. Research sponsors have the power to shift culture, systems, and the research enterprise towards efficiency, so it is essential that those funding research be part of the solution.

I2SL encourages lab sustainability practitioners, scientists, lab workers, lab designers, engineers, and builders to sign the letter now to join thousands of sustainable science advocates around the world in the push to change the way scientific research is conducted. There are two versions of the letter. Advocates in the United States will sign the global letter with U.S.-specific additions, and advocates outside the United States sign the general global letter.

2022 Freezer Challenge Information 2022 Freezer Challenge Information
A general global letter A global letter with United States-specific additions

Sign the letter today!

Learn more about the Million Advocates for Sustainable Science through the video below, or check out this website to learn more about the impact your signature—and more sustainable practices in your lab—will have.