Volunteer for Labs2Zero

Interested in getting in on the ground floor to help develop various aspects of the Labs2Zero program? There are a variety of technical advisory councils (TACs) forming to start work in late 2022 and throughout 2023 to develop and review the various aspects of the Labs2Zero program, including the new energy and emissions scorecard and usability of the tool. Volunteers must be an I2SL member in good standing and fill out an application to demonstrate they have the qualifications needed for the TAC.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Energy Score TAC: Members with experience determining building energy use intensity (EUI), or familiarity with lab energy usage requirements and alternatives, can volunteer to help develop the Labs2Zero scoring approach, including the factors affecting EUI and alternatives for reducing it.
  • Carbon Emissions Score TAC: Volunteers with experience generating lab emissions inventories for and familiarity with sources of operational carbon, as well as an understanding of embodied carbon in lab facilities, are sought to serve on this group.
  • Assessment and Design Tools TAC: To determine the report content and insights Labs2Zero will provide for existing and new buildings, I2SL is seeking volunteers with experience in and familiarity with energy and carbon reduction measure for labs, as well as those who understand building energy calculations, air quality/safety requirements, ventilation, and lab plug loads.
  • User Experience Working Group: This working group will focus on ensuring that Labs2Zero provides the services users need; I2SL will be looking for members with either programming experience or users of the LBT, energy scoring tools, or emissions calculators to provide input.
  • Lab Benchmarking Tool (LBT) Enhancement TAC: Members who have participated in the I2SL Lab Benchmarking Working Group, or used it, will help suggest and review enhancements to the tool in support of the Labs2Zero program.

Volunteer Application

Please complete this Google Form if you are interested in volunteering.