Fume Hood Testing–ASHRAE 110

Robert DeLuca, Jr., Lab Crafters, Inc.

This presentation will explain the importance of proper fume hood testing and its impact on energy efficiency in the laboratory. The ASHRAE 110 performance tests include:

  • Airflow visualization
  • Face velocity measurement
  • Cross draft measurement
  • VAV response and stability
  • Tracer gas containment
  • Sash movement effect
  • Verification of monitor operation


Robert DeLuca, Jr., vice president of technical products for Lab Crafters Inc., has more than 15 years of experience in the laboratory casework and fume hood industry. His primary role at Lab Crafters is technical consultative sales and new product development, with a focus on ventilation products. He has performed thousands of ASHRAE 110 fume hood performance tests and contributed to several U.S. patents for laboratory fume hoods. He has also conducted research on behalf of the ASHRAE SPC 110 committee and contributed to the latest ASHRAE 110 standard. Mr. DeLuca has B.A. in business management from Dowling College and is a LEED® Green Associate.