Laboratory Grade Casework

Wayne Cathey, CampbellRhea
Mike Patton, Kewaunee Scientific Corporation

This presentation will focus on the importance of using laboratory-grade casework. The presenters will discuss the five different materials used in laboratory casework—wood, metal, phenolic, plastic laminate, and polypropylene—highlighting the unique features that make them particularly suited for certain applications. The presentation will also review the importance of the independent testing requirements imposed under the SEFA 8 Recommended Practices, the type of testing required to be SEFA 8 compliant, the effects of chemical resistance testing, and the importance of these tests. Lastly, the presenters will discuss how SEFA's Recommended Practices for Laboratory Grade Casework can be used to enhance the sustainability and energy efficient features of laboratory casework.


Wayne Cathey is the director of engineering for CampbellRhea Casework in Paris, Tennessee. He oversees the Purchasing Department, as well as the development of all product lines that include library, laboratory, athletic, and institutional furniture.

He has over 25 years of laboratory and residential casework design experience. He is currently a member of the SEFA 8-W Recommended Practices Committee for Wood Laboratory Grade Furniture, Casework, Shelving, and Tables. He holds an Associate of Science in architectural design and engineering from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky.

Mike Patton is an international outsource engineer at Kewaunee Scientific Corp. Mr. Patton has been in the laboratory industry for the past 25 years. He joined Kewaunee in 1985 serving on the Product and Development Team. From 1994 to 1998 he taught Furniture Technology and Design in the North Carolina Community College System. He returned to Kewaunee in 1998 as a senior designer in their Wood Products Division and in 2008 was promoted to International Procurement. Mr. Patton currently serves on SEFA as the chairperson of the Wood Casework Sub-Committee.