I2SL St. Louis Chapter

I2SL St. Louis Chapter
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St. Louis has become one of the fastest-growing and top-ranked emerging life sciences markets in the United States. Home to Bayer, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Danforth Plant Science Center, Washington University, Cortex Innovation Community, and BioSTL, St. Louis has distinguished itself as a hub for life sciences. The strong laboratory facility presence and high concentration of world-class scientists has created a strong demand for high performance buildings and cutting-edge laboratory design.

The goals of the I2SL St. Louis Chapter are to:

  • Educate industry stakeholders on the importance of safety and sustainability within laboratory and high tech facilities.
  • Create a forum for laboratory users, designers, owners, and builders to improve the sustainability and safety of facilities in which we design, build, and operate.
  • Promote innovation and collaboration within the laboratory community to advance the safety and sustainability of new and existing laboratory facilities.
  • Serve our community by advancing the safety and sustainability of both new and existing laboratory and high tech facilities.

Chapter Officers


Punit Jain, Cannon Design

Vice President

Jake Franklin, Mack McClain


Chad Coker, Ross & Baruzzini


Erin Riley, BR+A Consulting Engineers

Committee Chairs


Bryan Lampe, DAI Scientific Equipment


Ken Mohr, HERA laboratory planners


Amy Gjoka, Millipore Sigma


Justin Nagy, Friemellove


Alicia Hubert, Washington University in St. Louis - School of Medicine