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Following are resources I2SL Chapters can use as they develop and promote their chapter activities. If you have thoughts on additional resources to include on this page, please contact I2SL.

Chapter Promotion

  • Logo Use Guidelines
    Each new I2SL Chapter receives a customized chapter logo. This document describes how to appropriately use that logo and otherwise promote your chapter and its activities.

      • I2SL Input on Chapter Messages (emails, fliers, and other promotions)
        I2SL requires a final look at promotional materials before they are distributed to ensure that these materials follow I2SL's Logo Use Guidelines and do not endorse non-chapter affiliated organizations. To obtain I2SL approval for your promotional materials, please email the final version to info@i2sl.org. Please allow at least three business days for approval.
      • I2SL Mailing Lists
        I2SL is open to sharing its mailing lists to new chapters. I2SL will share requested mailing lists with chapters after approving the final message that the chapter intends to send.
  • PowerPoint Template
    Feel free to add your I2SL Chapter logo to this PowerPoint template and use it for presentations where you are sharing information on your chapter.
  • I2SL Slideshow
    These slides can be used in their entirety or piecemeal by chapters in their presentations to offer audiences information on I2SL HQ and ways to get involved.
  • I2SL Membership Flier

    This flier can be printed out and distributed to promote membership in I2SL. The flier includes information about member benefits, membership responsibilities, and how to become an I2SL member.

      • Prospective I2SL Members
        Please encourage all prospective I2SL Members to sign up using the online form. Once a new member submits the online form their dues are automatically processed, they receive a confirmation email, their name is added to the member list, and they are enrolled in renewal reminders. Use this email template to reach out to Members in your chapter's area who have expired memberships.

Chapter Business

  • Chapter Payment Schedule
To Be Paid
Cost to Chapter
Chapter Start Up Fee One-time fee to be paid within 2 months of receiving acceptance as an I2SL Chapter

$1200 for international chapters

Chapter Annual Operation Fee (including international chapters) Annual fee to be paid upon invoice from I2SL HQ at close of I2SL's fiscal year. Chapters that are approved after October 1 are not subject to this fee until their next operating year*. 10% of Chapter Gross Revenue (minimum $300)

Chapter Annual Accounting Fee
Not applicable to incorporated, 501(c)(3) chapters or international chapters.

Annual fee to be paid upon invoice from I2SL HQ at close of I2SL's fiscal year. During their first operating year, Chapters will pay a prorated fee based on their operating year start date*. $900
* A chapter's operating year begins on the date the chapter receives official approval from I2SL HQ's Board of Directors.


  • Chapter Budget Template
    I2SL Chapters can customize this template to record any chapter income, expenses, sponsorships, or other chapter-related finance information.
  • Chapter Payment Form Template
    For chapters that use I2SL HQ for accounting services, please request any payees (sponsors, event attendees, etc.) complete this form when providing payment to I2SL HQ. This will help I2SL HQ quickly and properly process funds. This form can be customized with your chapter name and logo.
  • Chapter Reimbursement Request Form Template
    For chapters that use I2SL HQ for accounting services, please use this form when requesting a check from I2SL for a chapter expense reimbursement.
  • Invoice Template
    If chapter sponsors or other payees request an invoice, chapters can customize and send this template.
  • Receipt Template
    Chapters can customize and send this receipt template to chapter sponsors and other payees.
  • Thank You Letter Template
    Chapters can customize and send this thank you letter template to chapter sponsors.
  • W-9 form
    Because I2SL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, sponsorship contributions are eligible for a tax deduction. Sponsors may need this form for their files.
  • IRS Approval Document
    If you need further documentation verifying I2SL's 501(c)(3) status, please refer to the IRS approval document.
  • Insurance Documents
    Review the insurance documents below for information about what insurance I2SL HQ provides for chapters.
  • I2SL Chapter Event Report Form (Note that this document consists of four tabs.)

    I2SL Chapters are required to record any event or activity it conducts for its members or in support of the chapter so I2SL HQ has information on any monetary transactions and the event attendees. Please complete and submit this form to I2SL HQ within 30 working days of an event.

  • Chapter Bylaws

    I2SL recommends that chapters create bylaws to ensure consistency in how the organization operates. A sub-committee of I2SL's Executive Advisory Committee created sample bylaws that chapters can use as a starting point for their own bylaws. View the sample bylaws.

    Additionally, the following established bylaws from I2SL Chapters are available for reference:

Obtaining AIA Credits for Chapter Events

  • I2SL is an American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education System provider. Chapters interested in offering AIA or other continuing education credits for their educational events can do so through I2SL. Learn more.

Other Chapter Resources

  • Basic Event Planning Timeline for I2SL Chapter Events
    A guide to help your chapter ensure it is scheduling enough time to plan and promote their events.
      • Event Planning Tips From Chapter Champions
        View the webinar recording of "Event Planning Tips for Chapters" to learn about how to successfully plan and execute local chapter events.
  • Chapter Officers' Call Notes Archive
    Access the notes from I2SL Chapter Officers' meetings.
  • Chapter Resource Email Archive
    Access the emails I2SL sends to its chapter officers offering various tips and other resources to help with chapter efforts.
  • Chapter Treasurer Training
    View the webinar recording to learn about tips and resources for effective financial and records management.
  • Environmental Films
    Movies are a great way to attract a variety of attendees and can be shown before or after a networking or educational event or on their own. I2SL worked with the Environmental Education Fund (EEF) to screen films at past I2SL Annual Conferences. In addition to providing the film, EEF also sets up a Q&A session with a key film participant so your audience can engage directly with someone involved in the film. There is a cost associated with the showing that is dependent on the selected film. Contact I2SL if you are interested in offering a film through EEF at your next event, and we will put you in touch with our EEF representative.
  • File Sharing Comparison
    Basic information about a few file sharing programs that your chapter can consider using to maintain chapter files.
  • I2SL Distinguished Speakers
    A list of speakers in the I2SL community from which chapters can choose a speaker for an upcoming event.



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