Conference Session Descriptions


Pre-Conference Training Sessions

Pre-Conference Training Sessions are taught by seasoned professionals and cover topics such as sustainable architecture, operations and maintenance, commissioning, and techniques for laboratory users. Training sessions range from half-day to full-day and participants are eligible to receive continuing education credits. There is a separate fee to attend each pre-conference training session.

Technical Sessions

Technical Session presentations are given by industry professionals who share case studies, lessons learned, overviews of cutting-edge technologies and design strategies, and industry best practices that are aimed at reducing energy and water consumption and improving the environmental sustainability of laboratories and other high-tech facilities. Each 90-minute session is comprised of three presentations, each lasting 30 minutes (20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for audience questions).

Technology Demonstrations

Technology and Services Fair exhibitors are given the opportunity to market their products and services through Technology Demonstrations. These presentations allow attendees to learn about and observe how various products and services operate. The demonstrations give vendors the opportunity to showcase and market their technologies and services and then direct the audience to their booths for more information following the presentation.


Symposia provide attendees with a more in-depth look at topics pertinent to the I2SL Community. Symposia can range from 90 minutes to full-day, depending on the topic and the number of presenters. Symposia can also include panel discussions and/or open forums with the audience.

Morning Roundtables

Morning Roundtables provide attendees with an intimate and informal forum for discussing new trends, issues, and other emerging topics of interest to the I2SL Community. During the session, the leader briefly introduces the topic and then facilitates an open discussion with the gathered audience.

Tool-Torial Sessions

Tool-Torials cover useful tools and resources that the audience can use to improve their facility's level of efficiency and sustainability. During the session, the session leader briefly introduces the tool (including a demonstration, if applicable) and then facilitates an open discussion with the audience.

Roll Up Your Sleeves Roundtables

Roll Up Your Sleeves Roundtables are informal working sessions which allow those engaged in new or retrofit projects to gain insight, experience, and ideas from other I2SL Annual Conference attendees. Laboratory and high-performance building experts attending the conference can provide their perspectives, which can help speakers address major architectural and/or engineering sustainability challenges.

I2SL encourages organizations with new projects to participate in this session and take advantage of the opportunity to receive technical assistance from the industry experts that attend the conference.


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