Updates to the Best Practice Guide on Manifolding Laboratory Exhaust Systems

Jeremy Lebowitz, PE, Jensen Hughes
Hilary Williams, PE, Arup

The I2SL Best Practice Guide on Manifolding Laboratory Exhaust Systems, last published in April 2007, has been comprehensively updated in 2021 to account for new technology, code changes and current practices. This presentation provides a synopsis of the major updates and areas where lab designers and operators can benefit from newly revised information. Two new case studies are also included to help illustrate where this strategy has been successfully used.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the value of the ISL best practice guide on laboratory exhaust manifolding;
  • Understand applicability and major limitations of the best practice guide;
  • Distinguish updates to the best practice guide driven by new technologies; and
  • Apply the major principles to their next laboratory exhaust project.


Jeremy Lebowitz specializes in laboratory, healthcare, and hazardous material safety. He is a fire protection professional engineer responsible for business development and technical quality on projects involving hazardous material use and storage in pharmaceutical, semiconductor fabrication, vivarium, R&D, manufacturing, and chemical processing.

Hilary Williams leads Arup's Boston office mechanical team and brings 20 years of experience in mechanical design, analysis, and construction. Her work for laboratory, healthcare, and educational facilities is particularly focused on sustainable technologies, energy analysis, and complex building design. She is secretary of I2SL's New England Chapter.


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