Labs and Carbon Part 1: Plug Load Management

James Connelly, My Green Lab

Plug load makes up about 20-25% of a laboratory's energy consumption and is used to power a wide variety of equipment types. In addition to consuming energy, equipment requires costly maintenance and upkeep. We will share findings from long-term plug load monitoring, and the insights it has given lab managers about equipment usage rates and patters so that they optimize space and resources. We will talk about strategies for engaging scientists in minimizing and managing plug load on an ongoing basis as a key strategy to managing a lab's carbon impact.

Learning Objectives

  • Have an understanding of the impact of plug load in laboratories and the major contributors;
  • Get insights from large-scale plug load monitoring and the opportunities it has opened up for efficiency gains and energy savings;
  • Learn strategies for engaging lab occupants in plug load management; and
  • Have a clear understanding of the benefits of plug load management and how they can engage occupants in ongoing reductions.


James Connelly is the Chief Executive Officer of My Green Lab. Previously, James was the Vice President of Strategic Growth for the International Living Future Institute, where he created several leading-edge sustainability programs, including Living Product Challenge, the world's most advanced sustainability standard for building products.


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