Mission-Driven Current Good Manufacturing Practice Facility Design

Dan Seng, Perkins&Will

Some therapeutic drug companies make their mission statement more than the words framed on the wall. These companies that make their mission a reality every day have the opportunity to capture the company ethos and reflect that mission in their work space.

Manufacturing facilities represent one of the largest capital investments a therapeutics company will ever make. There's no question that facilities should function well and be easily maintained. When embarking on such an investment, we should also ask the question, how does the facility design represent the values and goals of the company, its people and the patients they serve?

This session will explore specific design processes that help view the core mission of companies through the following lenses:

  • Culture: History, values and goals
  • Resiliency: Preparing for emergency and planning for the rebound
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Designing for growth, adaptability and change.
  • Access and Communication: Enhanced collaboration and the language of culture.
  • Efficiency: Making gains by aligning the process to the project.

Through a case study analysis, we will share a design process that successfully integrated company missions into current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facility designs. We will share lessons learned from repurposing warehouse structures into cGMP projects amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendees will learn about procedures for gathering knowledge and methods for translating culture into designs.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to craft a design process that successfully integrates company missions into a cGMP facility design;
  • Be able to describe how to avoid pitfalls associated with repurposing warehouse structures into cGMP projects;
  • Create the tools necessary to gather user feedback and capture input for implementation into facility designs; and
  • Develop procedures for gathering the knowledge of a collective team, and hone methods for translating cultural information into facility designs.


Dan Seng, has 25 years in architecture, lab planning and project management experience. He leads teams to deliver complex projects of all sizes across a diverse portfolio. He facilitates an inclusive user engagement process that emphasizes efficiency, safety, and collaboration within complex work environments.


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