Sustainable Laboratory User Manual I2SL Working Group

Maria Fox Montgomery, Perkins&Will
Allen Doyle, 3Flow
William Landry, The Lichen Lab Co.
Dave Swanson, DLR Group

The I2SL Sustainable Laboratory User Manual is envisioned as a living resource that advocates a facilityís sustainable purpose. Currently under development, the manual will enable laboratory owners, operators, and occupants to intelligently use, maintain, and renovate a building over time. Infrastructure functionality and optimal operations will be collated into an open-sourced, expandable framework that delivers a comprehensive view of facility safety, flexibility, sustainability, and resilience.

I2SLís Sustainable Laboratory User Manual Working Group is a cross-section of industry professionals, including building owners, architects, engineers, builders, and EHS professionals. The group formed committees of subject matter experts to tackle specific aspects of the guide, including lab planning, lab equipment, building design, building systems, lab operations, policy/reporting, and the structure of the guide itself. Monthly subcommittee meetings are underway, but it is not too late to get involved in one of these focus areas.

Join us as we present a demo of the preliminary functionality of the user manual framework and learn how this manual can be beneficial to a variety of stakeholders: building owners, scientists, designers, builders, maintenance, and lab operations teams.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the development of a tool to document laboratory performance goals;
  • Understand how to enable lab environments to respond to change;
  • Preview a demo of the preliminary functionality of the user manual framework and learn how this manual can be beneficial in the built environment; and
  • Learn how to get involved in the I2SL Lab User Manual Working Group.


Maria Montgomery is an Associate and Project Architect at Perkins&Will, specializing in higher education and laboratory design, while also serving as BIM Manager and Sustainability Manager on a variety of projects. She is also one of the Atlanta studioís Design Technology Leaders and is a USGBC LEED AP and a WELL AP.

Starting as a researcher in chemical oceanography, then soil micro-biochemistry, Allen Doyle championed lab safety and sustainability since 2005 at the University of California. At 3Flow, he integrates HVAC design and operation with laboratory practices for safety, optimal performance and reduced carbon impact.

Prior to college, Will Landry was a research intern and assistant at UMass Medical School and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. After moving to San Diego, he became the student lead for the Green Labs Program at UC San Diego. In The Lichen Lab, Will works to commercialize affordable fume hood sash closing alarms.

As a project manager for DLR Groupís Lab Planning Team, Dave sees his role as an advocate for the scientists, researchers, and others who use lab environments. His clients typically spend long hours in relentless pursuit of the next big idea, often for the betterment of humanity, and Dave and his team believe these individuals deserve spaces that support their amazing aspirations.


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