Z9.5 Laboratory Ventilation Standard in Revision

Jim Coogan, Siemens Smart Infrastructure
Ken Crooks, ErLab
Tom Smith, 3Flow
Brad Cochran, CPP Wind Engineering
Victor Neuman, Fume Hood Certified, LLC

The Laboratory Ventilation Standard, ASSP Z9.5, is in revision, with publication expected in 2022. This talk presents the version expected to finish public review by the time of the conference. We will cover what is changing and what is not, with emphasis on what the revised standard will mean for lab organizations that apply it. Provisions of the Z9.5 standard are related to other standards from other bodies. Those relationships will also be explained.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply lab safety requirements from various related standards;
  • Know what has changed and why, so your organization can respond effectively;
  • Recognize safety for workers as the Z9.5 foundation that has not changed; and
  • Tie Z9.5 to your work planning, design, facility management, safety or lab management.


Jim Coogan, P.E., is a Principal in product development at Siemens Building Technologies. Jim has chaired several ASHRAE committees and currently leads the committee currently revising the Z9.5 Laboratory Ventilation standard. Jim participates in programs with the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories.

Ken Crooks has more than 35 years of experience in commercial and industrial HVAC industries. He works as Director of GreenFumeHood Technology at Erlab. He is a member of ANSI Z9.5, ASHRAE TC9.10, I2SL, NFPA 45, CSA Z316.5, SCUP, and previously served on SEFA's Board of Directors as Vice-Chair. Ken worked at Phoenix Controls, Aircuity and Munters.

Tom Smith is the President of 3Flow. Mr. Smith has worked for more than 30 years helping facilities ensure proper performance of labs and critical workspaces. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Hygiene. Mr. Smith serves on numerous ventilation safety committees and serves on the I<2SL Board of Directors.

Brad Cochran has over 25 years of experience conducting wind-tunnel, analytical, and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling studies of air flow in and around man-made structures. He holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, and hold a PE license (CO).

Victor Neuman is a professional engineer who has specialized in laboratory ventilation and fume hoods since 1983 when he joined Earl Walls Associates for 6 years. He has designed and constructed over 100 laboratory building and is founding vice-chair of ASHRAE's Laboratory Technical Committee.


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