All Electric in Different Climate Zones: Integrating High-Performance Energy Recovery and Heat Pumps

Rudolf Zaengerle, Konvekta USA Inc.

While all-electric buildings in very moderate climate zones are fairly common and proven, more extreme climate zones are challenging. A cornerstone of all-electric in any case is a high performing energy recovery system, enhanced and supplemented with reversible heat pumps. Three climate zones are the basis for exemplifying the challenges under extreme design conditions: Southwest (Denver); Southeast (Atlanta); and Northeast (Boston).

A second important design consideration is the scope of the system: it can encompass the entire hot/chilled water demand of a building, or it can be limited to hot/chilled water required to condition the outside air intake in the air handlers (or a large part of it). Both scopes will be addressed in this presentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand requirements and design concepts for different/specific climate zones;
  • Identify the basic elements for high-efficiency energy recovery;
  • Analyze options and scope for integrated reversible heat pumps; and
  • Investigate cost/benefits of the achieved degree toward all-electric.


Rudolf Zaengerle is the President of Konvekta's US operation. He holds a Master of Mech. Eng. and a PhD in Business Administration, both from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. He was an Assistant Professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology's Energy Sustainability Institute before relocating to the USA over 25 years ago.


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