Path to All-Electric Labs in All Climates

Allan Montpellier, PAE
Marco Alves, PAE

The path to all-electric labs has been notorious for leaving some out in the cold. Laboratories in colder climates may not have a full solution yet, but as the grid gets greener and technology becomes more accessible, our three-part solution will enable buildings, campuses, and even cities to be future-proofed and ready. The path to all-electric labs regardless of climate is a three-part solution: Minimize. Decarbonize. Neutralize.

  • Minimize: The traditional effort focused on conservation and minimizing energy use.
  • Decarbonize: A new focus on analyzing energy sources to determine the lowest carbon footprint in the short- and long-term.
  • Neutralize: If an operational carbon footprint remains after the effort to minimize and decarbonize, we will be able to implement carbon neutralizing strategies.
Next, there will be an exploration of the technology that is currently in the space from air-to-air energy recovery and heat pumps. This panel will be an in-depth exploration of current all-electric solutions, while also asking the audience to speak to the next innovation for carbon-neutral labs in all climates. We will pose our questions, initial research and development ideas with data beyond rhetoric, and seek solutions together for the future.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of all-electric labs and current challenges faced;
  • Identify holistic solutions to apply the three-part solution: Minimize. Decarbonize. Neutralize, and how to scale the solution;
  • Understand ways that technology can help spur growth in the industry for an all-electric future; and
  • Overcome nuances and avoid pitfalls of the design effort from labs that rely on fossil fuels for energy generation.


Allan Montpellier is a mechanical engineer and Principal at PAE with over 26 years of experience. Four of his projects have been awarded the AIA COTE award. He focuses on developing integrated systems through innovative alternatives and measures success based on a building's actual performance and the relationships formed along the way.

With over 21 years of experience in mechanical design, Marco Alves has been involved in numerous energy-efficient, LEED certified, and Net-Zero Energy projects. He has led the design for laboratory and healthcare projects where simple, yet innovative and data-driven solutions were energy was reduced with system reliability and safety was achieved.


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