Frequently Asked Questions

Once I2SL's virtual landing page is live later this summer, everyone who registered will receive an email with credentials allowing you to set up an account with vFairs, and that becomes your "ticket" to enter.

We will email all registrants when credentials are ready, so if you haven't received them yet, they are not ready.

No special software is required to attend the virtual conference; you will visit the conference in a website and watch presentations just as you do with platforms such as Zoom. An internet connection is required; no call-in lines are available. Any browser will work, but Chrome or Firefox is recommended.

Attendees should plan to participate live if you would like to ask any questions of speakers. However, you are not required to use a video camera unless you want to live chat with vendors or others during networking sessions.

The virtual presentations are held in 90-minute concurrent sessions from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time October 6, and 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time October 7; however, registered attendees can access recorded presentations and exhibits any time of day those two days (exhibitors will be available live at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time).

I2SL will provide links from the agenda, or you can click on the "Lounge" located in the lobby to participate in live Zoom chats with speakers and other attendees. More information will be provided.

If you received confirmation of registration for a pre-conference workshop, you will receive a link in September to access either a GoTo Webinar or Zoom session. More information will be provided soon.

Your registration is unique to you and based on your email…no sharing or logging on from multiple locations at once is allowed. If your email changes for any reason, your login will still work, but you will miss important conference announcements and the ability to reset your password if you forget it. If it's necessary to transfer a registration, I2SL can process a refund, and a new registration should be initiated.

When you initiate your registration as a speaker, exhibitor, and/or I2SL Member, the system will recognize your status and automatically calculate a reduced rate. If you qualify for a promotional code, are speaking, or have been offered a free registration, I2SL will have emailed you the promotional code for registration purposes; contact I3SL if you feel you require a code. If you qualify for two different rates, say as a speaker or exhibitor, feel to choose the category that has a cheaper rate. Please note: There will be no one-day registrations this year, nor free registrations to only visit the Exhibit Hall.

Yes, members can access the PowerPoints on the I2SL website, but session recordings will be available only to those who register for the conference, and they will cost more afterward if you don't pre-register.

Continuing education units will be available for all sessions. I2SL will contact conference attendees with information on how to receive credits on the sessions you attended live or listened to as a recording.

Speakers get a $100 discount off the price of registration, and an additional $100 off for I2SL Members.

Speakers have the choice to pre-record or give a presentation live, however I2SL strongly recommends speakers pre-record their sessions; you will still be able to answer questions via chat as the presentation is broadcast or respond to live questions in real time following your recorded talk.

If the moderator and all presenters are available, I2SL will facilitate a webinar to pre-record the entire session on a platform such as Zoom, which will allow the facilitators to pause the recording between speakers. Alternatively, if the entire panel is not able to coordinate a time to record, individual speakers can record their presentations via Zoom or another videoconferencing application and provide an mp4 file to I2SL several weeks before the conference for broadcast October 6 or 7.

Speakers will log in to the session 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled time via Zoom. They will be able to respond to questions via the chat function as their recording is played. During sessions designated as "live," the moderator will be able to see attendees' questions and pose them directly to speakers after the presentations are finished. In this scenario, a webcam and/or microphone is required to speak live to the audience during the Q&A.

Yes, moderators will introduce the speakers in each session, in a session that can be pre-recorded. They will also read attendee questions for speakers aloud during live Q&As following many presentations.

Attendees can type their questions into the chat function during a recorded or live presentation, but all attendees will be muted throughout the session, so they cannot interact directly with the presenters. I2SL plans to host networking sessions to allow speakers to interact with attendees after their talks.

Yes, attendees will be able to click on the "Exhibit Hall" sign in the virtual lobby and scroll through the virtual "booths" using the arrows. Vendor sales staff will be available during the conference to chat with attendees via Zoom links on each booth.

There are several dedicated hours to check out exhibits, shown in the agenda, but attendees can check out vendors' virtual sites and view or download materials at any time before and throughout the conference dates.

The live conference is still scheduled for October 6-7. Exhibitors can sign up for a virtual booth in an eye-catching 2D modeled exhibit hall and engage with attendees, and they can use remaining funds for other promotional opportunities. More information on exhibiting alternatives is available here.

I2SL will, at your request, hold part of your fee and apply it as future payment for 2021 exhibiting; or issue a full refund of your exhibit fee.

According to your exhibitor contract, you have until September 4, 2020, to cancel and get a full refund. You can apply your fee as a future payment and lock in your 2021 space at the 2020 rates; you can convert your exhibit fee to a Gold conference sponsorship; or I2SL will issue a full refund of your fee.


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