2020 Presenters

Although the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) was looking forward to bringing our Annual Conference and Technology Fair to Chicago in October, to ensure the safety and health of our presenters and attendees, we have decided to take the conference virtual.

I2SL received over 100 abstracts for this year's conference. After reviewing all the abstracts, I2SL has notified all speakers of their status for the 2020 Annual Conference. Speakers will still receive a discount on conference registration, and they will have the option of pre-recording their presentations or speaking live. If you submitted an abstract and have not received an email about your status, please email I2SL.

2020 Agenda

2020 I2SL Annual Conference Agenda

Registration Requirement

All speakers are required to register for and attend the conference (virtually) during their presentation time. Speakers are charged to register but receive a discounted registration; further discounts are available by becoming an I2SL Member.

If you cannot present or record your presentation, you must notify I2SL within 10 business days of receiving notification of your abstract acceptance. Note: A high-speed internet connection and video capabilities are required; if you do not have a reliable connection or camera, please contact us at info@i2sl.org.

I2SL will make the conference proceedings available online following the conference. Those who register for the conference will have free access to presentations, and those who wish to access them after the conference will be able to access for a higher rate.

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