Laboratory HVAC Control Optimization: Exploring the Differences Between a VAV Box, Venturi Air Valve, and Measured Airflow Valve

Beth Mankameyer, Triatek | Johnson Controls

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This session will explore the design and functional differences between a traditional variable air volume (VAV) box, Venturi air valve, and measured airflow valve. Attendees will learn the pros and cons of each valve type, and the best application for each technology in regards to fume hood exhaust, room supply and exhaust, and general building supply and exhaust.

The session will also examine published pressure requirements, real world pressure usage, reaction times to pressure perturbations within building management systems, and how to analyze upfront product costs against long-term dividends when considering the required CFM, static pressure, and energy consumption of the entire HVAC ecosystem. With the knowledge gained from this session, attendees will be able to make smart new build decisions and identify retrofit opportunities to promote optimal laboratory safety and efficiency.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the different airflow control strategies of a VAV box, Venturi air valve, and measured airflow valve;
  • Differentiate between the pros and cons of each valve technology;
  • Recognize which valve type is best for specific applications within laboratory facilities; and
  • Identify new build and retrofit opportunities for optimal HVAC control, energy efficiency, and occupant safety.


Beth Mankameyer is a Business Development Manager for Critical Environments at Johnson Controls Inc where she works to promote her products for use in healthcare and laboratory facilities. Before joining JCI, she was a fume hood product manager at Labconco where she focused on the performance, design, and manufacturing of chemical fume hoods. Beth holds degrees from the University of Kansas, and the University of Saint Mary. She is a Construction Documents Technologist certified by the Construction Specifications Institute, and a LEED Green Associate. Beth has presented at AIHce, Pittcon, NEBB, and local I2SL Chapters. She has been with JCI since June 2019.


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