Update on Standards and Practices for Lab Ventilation

Jim Coogan, Siemens Smart Infrastructure

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Guidance on safety, engineering and operation continues to evolve for laboratory ventilation. Revision committees are at work on the fume hood test standard (ASHRAE 110), and the lab ventilation standard ASSP Z9.5). ASHRAE will add lab room controls to its Guideline on Sequences of operation for HVAC systems. (ASHRAE 36).

Lab safety organizations are collaborating to define the process to assess risk in chemical labs, with the results intended to feed into design and operation steps. This talk explains what's new and what's coming and how they fit together so you can apply current guidance to improve infrastructure and operation at your facility.

Learning Objectives

  • Know how to apply and adapt standard control strategies for lab ventilation systems;
  • Select fume hood test procedures according to the updated standard, and apply the results in a lab ventilation management program;
  • Connect performance and operation of the ventilation system with exposure control; and
  • Know how to measure, document and monitor conformance with lab ventilation standards.


Jim Coogan, P.E., is a Principal in product development at Siemens Building Technologies. In 40 years designing controls for mechanical systems, he has contributed to products ranging from room controllers to Internet-based interfaces. Jim has chaired several ASHRAE committees. Publications include technical papers on room pressurization and laboratory ventilation. Jim earned his SB in mechanical engineering at MIT.


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