Energy Efficiency in High Performance Laboratories: A Utility Perspective

Steven Miller, Eversource

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High performance laboratories provide a unique opportunity for energy efficiency program administrators, as well as significant challenges. Labs have very high energy use patterns as compared to other building types. This offers an excellent savings potential per building from an efficiency perspective. However, this opportunity comes with significant technology, process, and business model barriers. Safety, science requirements, embedded behavioral patterns, and funding sources all create challenges to implement solutions.

Eversource has approached energy efficiency in labs by creating several paths—or swim lanes—to allow labs to engage in efficiency solutions at the macro (air flow management) and micro (plug load, ULT) level. These offerings allow labs to engage with Eversource at multiple levels to build relationships of trust, an understanding of each lab's unique requirements, and the ability to craft a custom solution. This presentation will explore the development of these offerings and the successes and failures experienced along the way.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand a utilities perspective when working with labs;
  • Be able to start to look at their lab from an efficiency perspective;
  • Gain insight into key lab operational elements to evaluate; and
  • Start to know how to engage with their own local energy efficiency provider.


Steve Miller is on the Eversource energy efficiency team and is the High Performance Labs Initiative Manager. Steve develops efficiency solutions for labs, engaging with lab managers, Green Lab groups, and others to implement efficiency solutions based on safety, equipment, and airflow requirements.


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