A Strategy for Proactively Managing Hazardous Lab Materials

Isabel Mandujano , CRB

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The demand for co-working space has grown tremendously in the past few years. Visionary life sciences companies are catching up to the trend, and co-working lab spaces are popping up all over the country to support biotech entrepreneurs and independent scientists. Planning for lab speculative space where the future tenants are unknown presents unique challenges for designers and lab planners. One important aspect is the management of hazardous materials as it relates to code compliance, especially in building types where potential lab tenants could bring a wide variety of chemicals.

This presentation will focus on holistic hazardous material management strategies that can be incorporated at the early planning stages to address safety and code compliance issues while building in flexibility and scalability for future growth.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why a proactive hazardous materials management strategy makes good business sense;
  • Review basic regulatory tools of the International Building Code, such as hazardous material inventory sheet (HMIS), maximum allowable quantities (MAQ) and control areas per floor;
  • Learn how data analysis provides insight into appropriate strategies that in turn inform design decisions; and
  • Identify tools and strategies specific to the built environment that support flexibility/scalability for future change.


Isabel Mandujano, Senior Laboratory Planner, brings more than 15 years of experience in programming, design and documentation in a wide variety of project types. Isabel enjoys the technically complex aspects of laboratory design that require unique attention to detail. Her science and technology experience includes laboratories for teaching, testing, and research for public and private sector clients throughout the United States.


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