Leveraging Technology to Streamline More Efficient Project Deliveries

Lynne Cooper, Facility Logix
Tim Howland, Facility Logix

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How do teams plan for successful project turnover to production of products within the facility? The groundwork and set-up are laid out at project concept. How can we leverage technology and forward-thinking as a large collaborative team, to bring traction from concept through to actual execution? Every project has lessons learned for continuous team improvement. How can we create efficiencies around those lessons to improve delivery of projects with rightsized technology solutions, follow-through, and team input? Managing the final project deliverable in a stepwise effort that includes all stakeholders and lessons implemented demonstrates capitalization of efficiencies to shorten the time through facility commissioning so facility validation activities can begin. We can prepare, and plan ahead, to simplify turnover of project documentation as much as is feasible in this document-heavy sector.

This presentation will discuss overcoming common project speedbumps and lessons learned to cut project delivery and get products to market in as short a time as possible. This use of curated technology specific to the project, yet cross-compatible, leads to increased user adoption and pushes project activities such as site validation, process validation, and facility operations to occur quicker. The real-time impact of this can be seen as leading to products and life-saving solutions and speeding up accessibility of treatments to the marketplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Plan for successful Project turnover to production of products within the Facility;
  • Facilitate Projects and bring traction from concept through to actual execution using easy to adopt and utilize technologies;
  • Look for lessons learned others can use from the presenters related to Project delivery methods; and
  • Identify efficiencies to be gained by utilizing digital documentation to facilitate large team execution.


Lynne is an experienced project manager with extensive knowledge in the life science commercial construction industry. Her areas of expertise include laboratory work, compliant with FDA 21CFR, advanced electrical and mechanical system specification and design, project execution, and build out. Additionally, she focuses on project estimating, preparation, scheduling, and execution. Lynne is currently pursuing PMP certification and is an active member of the ISPE and Women in BIO (WIB).

Tim has extensive experience in project management, R&D, and business development. He was on the Celera Genomics team that established a world-class DNA sequencing facility, has helped numerous biotech clients translate their scientific and research needs into facility design and completion, and driven collaborative research with university and corporate partners. Tim is passionate about building facilities to match the client's operational need and is an active member of ISPE and NCBIO.


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