The Next Decade of Green Labs at the University of Colorado Boulder

Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar, University of Colorado-Boulder

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The University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) Green Labs Program celebrated its 10th anniversary in July 2019. During the first 10 years, we conducted outreach and engaged in collaboration with scientists across campus and with a wide-range of campus stakeholders in various roles that touch laboratory research. Our positive, helpful approach has led to a program that is well-established at CU Boulder, carrying the support of many in different roles on campus. This presentation will focus on our vision and plans for the next decade of the CU Green Labs Program.

With a strong foundation to build upon, we believe this is the time to not only continue to expand our program to reach more laboratories at CU Boulder, but also work to dig deeper into conservation/sustainability efforts in laboratories and most importantly work on implementing changes in campus systems that will have long-lasting and deep positive impacts. Come hear our hopes and goals for the next 10 years at CU Boulder and gather ideas to consider implementing on your campus as well.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about our vision for the next decade of the CU Boulder Green Labs Program;
  • Learn about plans we are making to dig deeper into conservation/sustainability within CU Boulder laboratories;
  • Learn about our goals for changes in systems at CU Boulder that will lead to long-lasting and deep positive impacts for efficiency; and
  • Gain knowledge about ideas to consider implementing at your research institution.


Kathy has a doctorate in Analytical Chemistry and 15 years of laboratory research experience. She manages the Green Labs Program at CU Boulder, which utilizes a campus-wide, team approach to conservation in labs and involves partnership with scientists and many other campus units with connections to lab research. She is also dedicated to the Bringing Efficiency to Research (BETR) Grants effort aimed at connecting efficient resource use with research funding from sponsors.


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