Achieving a -15% MwH Energy Reduction Through Sustainable Practices (2017-2020)

Steven Driver Ph.D., Sanofi Biologics Division

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The presentation will focus on how Sanofi achieved a 15 percent reduction in energy consumption by applying the sustainable commissioning concept to their manufacturing and laboratory research facilities. The audience will also learn about the importance of setting an environmental goal and how to construct a roadmap, which is critical to achieving the goal. The energy audit process and asset conditions assessment will also be reviewed, along with the integration of fault diagnostics and how it links to risk management and reliability.

Learning Objectives

  • Investigate how to achieve a -15 % energy consumption reduction;
  • Explain how to deploy sustainable commissioning practices;
  • Describe the environmental goal and how to construct a roadmap which is critical to achieving the goal; and
  • Explain energy conservation to system reliability.


Dr. Steven Driver has 30 years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and energy management. Based in Boston, Steve is an alumnus of Northcentral University where he earned his Ph.D. in engineering with a concentration in building commissioning. Steve has acquired three copyrights, two publications, and a U.S. patent in sustainable building commissioning. Steve is an international speaker on energy management and continues to promote cost effective strategies.


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