Cambridge Sustainable Labs–A Local Partnership Delivering Sustainable Solutions to the Cambridge Lab Community

Steven Miller, Eversource
Jennifer Ballew

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MIT and Eversource have partnered to co-host the Cambridge Sustainable Labs Group, with more than 50 members representing more than 25 Cambridge, Massachusetts labs focused on solving and disseminating solutions to the community. It is a diverse group of folks that work in, or support labs with a mission to establish a supportive team to actively identify and solve sustainability issues in labs throughout Cambridge, including those that are academic, industrial, research and commercial. Issues including energy efficiency, resource sharing, recycling and waste management, and more are addressed to ensure that laboratories in Cambridge have the tools, knowledge, and assistance to operate in a sustainable way.

This presentation will bring the voice of this community to I2SL, exploring issues identified for discussion, as well as challenges encountered along the way. We offer Cambridge Sustainable Labs as a model to create productive dialog in the broader community.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how a cross section of labs work together to solve problems;
  • Understand issues that are important to people working in and for labs;
  • Hear directly from folks working in labs on why the Cambridge Sustainable Labs group is important to them; and
  • Lear how to share solutions across businesses.


Steve Miller is on the Eversource energy efficiency team and is the High Performance Labs Initiative Manager. Steve develops efficiency solutions for labs, engaging with Lab Managers, Green Lab groups and others to implement efficiency solutions based on safety, equipment and air flow requirements.

Jennifer Ballew served as the Green Labs Program Coordinator for MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her 15+ years of working in academic, startup and industrial laboratories ensures that she is well versed in the ways that laboratories operate and the ways in which they can be made more sustainable. Green Labs at MIT serves to bridge the knowledge gap between laboratory users and the administrative departments that serve them, ensuring that scientists have knowledge and tools.


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