The Nexus of LEED, WELL and I2SL

Bryan Rydingsward, BR+A Consulting Engineers
Erik Ruoff, The Green Engineer

How can LEED, WELL, and I2SL guidelines be integrated in a cost-effective manner to achieve a better outcome for lab buildings? EMD Serono has been a leader in all three areas for many years and has embarked upon the construction of a new lab building that will be the culmination of their past successes. This session follows EMD's journey from one of the early LEED Gold certified lab buildings in 2011, to a LEED Platinum renovation, to a new office - the 1st WELL Gold certification in the US and 2nd in the world (also a LEED Gold building), and now a new lab building, being designed to achieve both LEEDv4 Gold, WELL Gold/Platinum, and following I2SL principles. We will share how these certification programs and principles were used in a strategic manner to enhance the design and construction process to maximize benefits, including overall sustainability, a healthy and inspiring work environment, and significant energy savings. We also focus on EMD's decision-making process, balancing goals and construction cost. For those who are trying to set a streamlined path to meet ever-expanding stakeholder expectations for the next level of sustainability and cost control, this session is designed to provide you with some of the tools, examples, and lessons learned you will want to rely on.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify synergies between LEED, WELL and I2SL high performance principles for laboratory buildings;
  • Optimize investment in sustainability to achieve a vibrant research environment and reduce operating costs;
  • Understand how the trend toward blurring the boundary between laboratory vs. office vs. collaboration results in opportunities and challenges for high performance lab design; and
  • Avoid pitfalls by taking advantage of lessons learned from a campus that has evolved in the context of sustainability certifications.


Bryan Rydingsward is a Registered Professional Engineer with a primary focus on HVAC design and project management for laboratory buildings. During this time, he has designed over 20 LEED and WELL certified projects, including the buildings discussed in this session. Bryan is a member of BR+A's sustainability leadership committee and recently received our highest sustainability achievement award.

Principal in Charge and current President of the Board at The Green Engineer. Erik has managed over 50 LEED and WELL certified projects, including the buildings discussed in this session. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Chapter of the USGBC from 2009-2011 and from 2013-2014. Erik has guest lectured at MIT, the Wentworth Institute of Technology and taught courses and studios in the Sustainable Design and Building Technology department at the BAC.


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