Filling In the 'Green Gap' LED Challenge for Microscopy and Medical Illumination: Providing Mercury-Free Sustainable Illumination

Kavita Aswani, Excelitas Technologies Inc
Jennifer Melo, Excelitas Technologies Inc

Fluorescence imaging in life sciences and microscopy applications have traditionally utilized Mercury, Metal Halide and Xenon arc lamps for illumination as fluorophores were developed using the peak wavelengths of these lamps. With advancement in technology, LEDs are replacing arc lamps enhancing image quality and ensuring reproducible quantitative intensity measurements. In addition to reduced power consumption and consumable cost savings, LEDs are Mercury-free thus reducing toxic waste.

While LED technology is suitable for the majority of wavelengths used in common microscopy and medical applications, developing high power LEDs in the green excitation range has been challenging. This presentation aims to explain how LaserLED Hybrid Drive™ patented technology overcomes this challenge to offer a better and more sustainable illumination option. We also present the advantages of using LEDs over arc lamps, including sustainability for microscopy systems in life sciences.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand that there is a mercury-free and sustainable ilumination option for all popular fluorophores in fluorescence microscopy; and
  • Learn the benefits of LED over harmful mercury lamps.


Dr. Kavita Aswani is the Senior Applications Scientist for Life Sciences products at Excelitas Technologies. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa, has 7 years of scientific research and 19 years of applications experience in the microscopy/fluorescence industry. Kavita has authored several publications and has worked in the areas of widefield and laser scanning microscopy and flow cytometry. She is an active member of the Society for Neuroscience and the Royal Microscopical Society

Jennifer Melo is the Business Development Manager for the Excelitas Technologies Life Sciences product line in the Americas. She holds an Honors Environmental degree from Western University and she is actively involved in ‘Green' focused programs. Preceding her career with Excelitas Technologies, Jennifer worked as an account manager promoting and supporting microscope system sales for thirteen years.


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