The Future of Green Lab Certifications
Sponsored by Stirling Ultracold

Quentin Gilly, Harvard University, Office for Sustainability
Nicholas Ciancio, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Bani Bhattacharya, National Institutes of Health
Jennifer Ballew, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Green lab certifications are often the backbone of green lab programs.  In this panel discussion we will hear from several organizations about how they structure their certifications and how they certify labs.  The session will transition into a roundtable discussion on the benefit of certifications and the merit of having a national standard.


Quentin Gilly is the Senior Coordinator with the Harvard University Office for Sustainability, representing the Harvard Green Labs Program. Before joining the Office for Sustainability in 2014, Quentin was a lab manager at the Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics. Quentin is a Certified Energy Manager, and holds a bachelor's degree from Indiana University, and a master's degree from Harvard in Environmental Management.

Nicholas Ciancio is the founder and coordinator of the Green Labs Program at UAB. He founded the program in November of 2016 as an effort to reduce carbon emissions, energy usage, and water consumption in research laboratories across the campus. Through the Green Labs Program, UAB has saved hundreds of thousands of kilowatt-hours by providing energy-saving equipment. Nick lives in Birmingham, Alabama and loves to try new restaurants when he isn't working.

Ms. Bani Bhattacharya serves as the Environmental Management System Program Manager at NIH. Ms. Bhattacharya collaborates with Environmental Management Program Leads and Sustainability Goal Leads to implement and communicate environmental management initiatives. Initiatives that are part of various environmental management programs such as greenhouse gas emission reduction, solid waste management and recycling, chemical waste handling and disposal, etc. These are cross-jurisdictional programs involving Teams of participants who have daily opportunities to choose to work in an environmentally-friendly way.

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