Changing Behavior and Engaging Scientists at CU Boulder Using Community-Based Social Marketing Strategies

Christina Greever, University of Colorado Boulder

How do you successfully encourage someone to behave in a more sustainable way? What is the most effective strategy? If you've never heard of it, community-based social marketing (CBSM), developed by Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr, is an essential tool in the toolkit to "foster sustainable behavior" in the laboratory sector and beyond. Rooted in social psychology and supported by hundreds of case studies, this approach to promoting more sustainable behavior has been utilized widely in the environmental program sphere, including by the CU Green Labs Program. This presentation will include a brief overview of CBSM and examples of how this approach has been applied in laboratories at the University of Colorado Boulder. Strengthen your laboratory sustainability program by learning to apply CBSM processes and strategies at your own institution.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what community-based social marketing is and how it can help encourage behavior-change in the laboratory sustainability field
  • Identify how the CU Green Labs Program has utilized community-based social marketing strategies to promote more sustainable behaviors at the University of Colorado Boulder
  • Learn how to foster sustainable behavior at your own institution using a community-based social marketing approach
  • Be able to name several community-based social marketing strategies


Christina Greever is the Program Assistant and Outreach Coordinator for CU Green Labs at the University of Colorado Boulder. Since beginning with CU Green Labs in September 2015, Christina has worked on a wide variety of initiatives including establishing the shared ultra-low temperature freezer program, writing a case study about our Biochemistry Cell Culture Facility, promoting the North American and International Laboratory Freezer Challenges, lab equipment metering, and outreach to labs.


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