Lab Trends

Alicia Pandimos-Maurer, APM1 Consulting, LLC

Lab Planning has so many components and has changed greatly over the years. This presentation will look at Lab Planning today versus yesteryear. In what ways has Lab Planning reacted to changes in technology? Changes in the way that people interact? The way that buildings are built and maintained.
Traditional Lab Planning relies very heavily on metrics that have been gathered over long periods of time. How does modern Lab Planning change that outlook?
What modern technologies are used to change the face of Lab Planning? What additional services have been added to Lab Planning to respond to changing owner needs?
Equipment Planning and Enhanced Equipment Planning, Operations Improvement and Strategic Planning, Engineering Modeling, Interactive Project Delivery (sometimes required on projects), Interactive Planning and Charretting, as well as Flexible Lab Planning are strategies used in the Lab Planning of today
The Ramalay addition for Integrated Physiology (IPHY) at University of Colorado Boulder is a good example of this newer approach to lab planning. Ms. Pandimos Maurer has been working on this project from initial conceptual planning through construction. While the small 24,000 SF addition might seem small, it's impact is large and it's site is very prominent on the campus.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the how lab planning typically been practiced.
  • To see how lab planning has been forced to change to keep up with technology and owner's changing requirements.
  • To understand new strategies in lab planning and how they respond to these changes.
  • To see how these new practices work in a real world situation.


Alicia is an architect and independent consultant with more than 16 years of experience in architectural design and lab planning. Her specialty is lab planning and equipment planning with a focus on sustainability and flexibility. Alicia has experience in both Greenfield lab design and retrofit/renovations. Alicia believes that people and science inspire architecture and creativity flows from open exchange of ideas in planning and design. She received Rocky Mountain Region ENR's Top 20 under 40 Award in 2014 in recognition for her work in design and sustainability.


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