Conveying Engineering Energy Solutions to a Range of Stakeholders

Jon Ziegler, GLHN Architects & Engineers, Inc.

The successful design, construction, and operation of energy efficient laboratory environments requires a collaborative effort among a diverse group of people. This presentation will explore effective and innovative ways to communicate with the range of stakeholders involved in such processes. From those authorizing the funding source, to the design and construction professionals, to the PIs and other space users, to the facilities group maintaining the infrastructure, there is a wealth of expertise from which a project can draw; however, this expertise is diverse and often specialized. What tools can we use to more effectively communicate our points of view and understanding of the critical criteria? How do we break through our niches of knowledge to better ensure our collective success? While this presentation focuses on communicating technical concepts to non-technical personnel, it explores fundamentals that can be applied to a wide variety of audience types.

Learning Objectives

  • Increased consideration of your audience, what they offer and how to express your own knowledge base
  • Methods to better approach visual and non-visual communication methods to stakeholders of varying backgrounds and learning styles
  • How to present technical data to a non-technical audience
  • Proven ways to present building performance parameters


Jon Ziegler is a Mechanical Engineer and laboratory designer with GLHN Architects and Engineers Inc. He has been with the firm since 2006. Jon is also a board member of the Arizona Chapter of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories. In addition to his work in system design, commissioning, and analysis, he has presented on a variety of topics for professional organizations including Rocky Mountain APPA and the Arizona Tri-university Association.


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