Creating and Growing Green Lab Programs at Universities

Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar, University of Colorado Boulder
Amorette Getty, University of California, Santa Barbara
Quentin Gilly, Harvard University, Office for Sustainability

This session will pull together managers of green lab programs from different universities to share the similarities and differences, strengths and weaknesses, and variations in structure, focus and funding of the programs we manage. We will share with you how our programs started, where we have had successes, where we have faced challenges, and strategies we have used to grow our programs on our campuses in terms of funding, staff, and impact. We also will use this time to break into smaller groups to cover different topics that members of the audience would like to discuss. For example, depending on the interest of the audience, one group could provide discussion and help to those just starting a green lab program on their campus, another group could continue to dive into structure and funding models of green lab programs, and other groups could cover different efforts commonly addressed by green lab programs from engaging scientists to energy efficiency with cold storage to reducing hazardous waste and so on.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about green lab programs at different universities and how they vary including differences in where they reside within the university structure (from Facilities Management to Office of Sustainability to EH&S) to differences in how these programs are funded.
  • Learn about how different green lab programs got their start and how these programs have found pathways to grow on their campuses.
  • Learn about the different successes and challenges faced by green lab programs at different university campuses.
  • Learn about how the green labs community across the nation works together to help each other, to share advice and share our resources to benefit the entire the green labs movement.


Kathy has a doctorate in Analytical Chemistry and 15 years of laboratory research experience. She manages the CU Green Labs Program at the University of Colorado-Boulder, a program she has been building & creating since 2009. She is also dedicated to the Bringing Efficiency to Research (BETR) Grants effort aimed at connecting efficient resource use with the receipt of research funding from sponsors. BETR Grants is presently the focus of the I2SL University Alliance Group that Kathy chairs.

Amorette Getty works to help scientific labs use every resource they have with expanded efficiency: electrical energy, human energy, water, material waste, researcher time, experience, and attention, and grant funding dollars. She is Co-Director of UCSB's LabRATS program, and chairs the UCSB Campus' Laboratory Ventilation Working Group.

Quentin Gilly is the Senior Coordinator with the Harvard University Office for Sustainability, representing the Harvard Green Labs Program. Before joining the Office for Sustainability in 2014, Quentin was a lab manager at the Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics. Quentin is a Certified Energy Manager, and holds a bachelor's degree from Indiana University, and a master's degree from Harvard in Environmental Management.


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