Practical Commissioning Applications for Sustainable Laboratories

Taylor Thompson, RMF Engineering

Presentation will highlight three distinct project case studies to introduce and review commissioning procedures, terminology, and team member’s responsibility.  Each case study demonstrates a specific application of select commissioning procedures and the associated benefits.

Project case studies will include the following examples:

  • Wake Forest University Salem Hall - Renovation Commissioning: Complete interior demolition with new ductwork, piping, electrical, and interior finishes in a 1958 construction grad research and teaching lab building.
  • North Carolina State University Dabney Hall – retro commissioning Laboratory Optimization: Comprehensive investigation to identify and correct laboratory performance concerns to restore the original design intent for energy use and operation.  
  • UNC Wilmington Allied Health – New Construction Commissioning: 145,000 square foot academic building including wet-labs for the chemistry department, several dry labs including a Cadaver Lab, Biomechanics Physical Therapy Lab, and a small Out-Patient Clinic.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand basic commissioning practices and terminology
  • Gain knowledge required to properly organize a commissioning team
  • See commissioning procedures implemented in a variety of settings
  • Review results and outcomes of properly applied commissioning


Taylor Thompson is a licensed Mechanical Engineer with RMF Engineering in North Carolina specializing in commissioning of higher education, healthcare, municipal, and critical operation facilities. Taylor's diverse laboratory commissioning experience includes US EPA, MARS LMB Cambridge, Wake Forest University and others. His skill set focuses on maintaining sustainable design intent and owner project requirements throughout the construction process.


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