Double Digit Energy Reduction

Peter J Stroup, Harvard Medical School
Don Gillis, Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School is predominantly a medical research campus with 75% of the space devoted to wet lab research. The 2.7 million square foot campus is located in the heart of the Boston, Longwood Medical Area. Harvard Medical School (HMS) redoubled efforts in 2013-2017 to reduce energy consumption in association with a University wide greenhouse gas reduction goal. HMS concentrated on three basic commodities of steam, chilled water and electricity. By far, steam being the most expensive and greenhouse gas intensive. HMS expends about $22million USD annually on these three services. A universal listing of energy conservation measures, plausible for the medical school campus, was assembled and further analyzed for cost, payback and MTCDE reduction. This presentation will discuss the ECM decision making process with a look at simple payback, the most and least effective measures undertaken such as HVAC setback, ACH reductions, coil cleaning, energy audits and re-commissioning; the results such as an 18% reduction in campus EUI from 2014 through 2016, lessons learned in implementing change for example - BAS quality control and the tools in place for continuing to monitor performance including fault detection, dashboards and a heat map.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the population of ECMs considered
  • Review the most and least effective initiatives
  • Review difficulties encountered in implementing changes
  • Recap lessons learned
  • Demonstrate measuring/monitoring tools utilized


Peter J Stroup, PE
Director of Facilities – Harvard Medical School
Oversees all aspects of facilities maintenance & operations, including energy procurement and use. Over 30 years of experience in facility construction, project management and all aspects of facility maintenance & operations. Peter has presented on a variety of facility management topics at industry conferences including IFMA Fusions – USA and Canada, IFMA Work Workplace and NFMT.


Don Gillis, CFM, CEM, CPE, LEED Green Associate
Energy Manager – Harvard Medical School
Don has over 20 years of Facilities Management experience, including 8 years as Director of Facilities for the Boston Biomedical Research Institute where he was involved with management of projects for energy conservation and operation of the plant, vivarium and EHS operations. Don’s experience also includes facilities and maintenance management in the medical packaging and fiber optic manufacturing fields.


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