Sustainability Trends in Steam Sterilizer Design

Arthur Trapotsis, Consolidated Sterilizer Systems

Laboratory equipment manufacturers are constantly innovating their products to enhance the user experience, improve serviceability, and reduce utility consumption. This presentation will explore the next-generation steam sterilizer and will focus on three state-of-the-art design features:

  • User Experience: Employing cloud-based technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to stream-line workflow and improve efficiency in the lab. The concept of the Internet of Labs (IoL) is introduced.
  • Sustainability: Reducing water and energy consumption to improve carbon foot-print, reduce costs, and contribute to LEED.
  • Space Optimization: Configuring the sterilizer to optimize lab space without neglecting serviceability.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about how IoT is optimizing laboratory efficiency.
  • Identify new trends in workflow management and record retention for steam sterilizers and other laboratory equipment.
  • Identify opportunities and technologies for reducing water and energy consumption on a steam sterilizer (i.e. integration of house-chiller systems).
  • Identify space-saving strategies around sterilizer placement.


Arthur is an engineering leader in the steam sterilizer industry. He is CEO of Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, a leading manufacturer of laboratory steam sterilizers based in Boston. Arthur has presented at a number of conferences on ecofriendly design features and emerging trends in the steam sterilizer market. He's written extensively on sterilization & authored a chapter on sustainable autoclaves published in the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) Anthology on Sustainability.


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