Smart Benchmarking for Lab Buildings

Alison Farmer, kW Engineering

Benchmarking against other buildings is the first step in any efficiency program. It tells us where we stand, provides a baseline against which to gauge progress, helps us prioritize attention and identify opportunities, and is an excellent catalyst for the conversations that drive improvement. This session demonstrates the smart ways to use lab benchmarking data and introduces the new lab benchmarking portal being developed at I2SL as part of the DOE Lab Accelerator Program.


Alison Farmer is a physicist with a deep dedication to energy efficiency in buildings. Her work at kW Engineering spans strategic planning, energy audits, control system design, commissioning, energy analysis, and research into the latest high-efficiency technologies for lab buildings. She has chaired the I2SL Lab Benchmarking Working Group since its inception in 2014. Alison holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in physics from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in astrophysics from Caltech.


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