Better Buildings Smart Labs Accelerator Program, Process, and Implementation

Otto Van Geet, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Tom Checksfield, Exposure Control Technologies

DOE Better Buildings launched the Smart Labs Accelerator Program at the 2016 I2SL conference. This presentation will provide and update on the current status of Smart Labs, the implementation process the Partners are using and highlights of a few of the Partners projects.

The University of California-Irvine (UCI) demonstrated that Smart Labs are safe, energy efficient and sustainable. Any laboratory facility can operate high performance lab ventilation systems and realize the benefits offered by the Smart Labs program. This presentation describes how to select, design, operate and manage high performance fume hoods and lab ventilation systems to minimize energy consumption to as low as possible while providing adequate protection for people working in, on or around laboratories.

Learning Objectives

  • The importance of lab ventilation systems and impact on success of the research organization
  • How to identify risk and determine the demand for ventilation
  • What is required to design new systems, upgrade existing systems, and implement a Smart Labs management program.
  • What is the Better Buildings Smart Labs Accelerator Program, Process and Implementation


Otto is a Principal Engineer at NREL with over 30 years of experience. Otto has been involved in the design, and operation of energy efficient research facilities such as labs and data centers, general use facilities, and low energy use campus and community design. Otto was one of the founding members of the Labs21 program and provides technical guidance for the program. Otto is a Registered Professional Engineer, a Certified Energy Manager, a LEED Accredited Professional, and a Project Manage

Mr. Tom Checksfield is currently Senior Vice President, Business Operations at Exposure Control Technologies Inc. (ECTI). Before joining ECTI Mr. Checksfield worked as the General Manager at Tek-Air Systems Inc., a critical environment controls manufacturer. Prior to Tek-Air, Mr. Checksfield worked with Siemens Building Technologies as a Senior Account Manager, specializing in critical environmental control systems. Mr. Checksfield has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC, energy management a


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