Hands-On with SLAMM

Suzanne Belmont, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Watch a lightening round, test drive of SLAMM. Five or six members of the audience will be welcomed as panelists to serve in demonstrating the SLAMM process. The speaker will work with the panelists to apply the process and assess the maturity stages for a fictitious laboratory. The process will produce a maturity matrix of that lab function, as well as overall score and weighted score, a management heat map, stakeholder web and “opportunity web”. Panelists will how these graphics could be used to benchmark lab performance, inform leadership, and initiate investment and training, and take feedback from the audience and development team.

Learning Objectives

  • See application of a Smart Lab Accelerator Maturity Matrix.
  • See how this tool would inform leadership at your site.
  • Learn how coordination across stakeholders can improve performance and reduce costs.
  • Identify suggestions for enhancements.


Suzy Belmont is an Analyst in the Intelligent Campus group out of Site Operations at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). She has a BA in Mathematics and Anthropology from Hamilton College and a BS in Civil Engineering from CU Boulder. Suzy has been with NREL for over three years and in her current role, she manages and analyzes energy, water, fuels, and other laboratory consumption in order to develop improved processes of operations. She also works on climate resilience planning, manages reporting requirements, and leads laboratory employee alternative commuting campaigns. Her Intelligent Campus group incorporates research from the laboratory itself to ensure operations are on the cutting edge of efficiency, safety, resiliency and sustainability.


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